Monday, February 25, 2013

Songs With "Home" In The Title

A while back (last year, sometime, in fact), I posted the 10 worst and 10 best album covers of albums entitled "Home." (I don't feel like going back and finding the link, but if you feel the need, it's Google-able.) Today, I decided to post a bunch of songs with "home" in the title that are actually good songs. There's a rather wide variety of styles and genres represented here, so you'll probably find at least one or two that you like (and maybe even know already). Enjoy!

1)  Maroon 5  ~  "Won't Go Home Without You"

2)  Xenia  ~  "Sing You Home"

3)  Dara MacLean  ~  "Home"

4)  Marit Larsen  ~  "Coming Home"

5)  Stephen Jerzak & Jamestown Story  ~  "Come Back Home"

6)  Gabrielle Aplin  ~  "Home"

7)  The Dear Hunter  ~  "Home"

8)  La Toya Jackson  ~  "Home"

9)  Sheryl Crow  ~  "Home"

10)  Goo Goo Dolls  ~  "Home"

11)  Dierks Bentley  ~  "Home"

12)  Daughtry  ~  "Home"

13)  Michael BublĂ©  ~  "Home"

14)  Adele  ~  "Hometown Glory"

15)  Phillip Phillips  ~  "Home"

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